Stanford Surveying Company

Land Surveying in Texas & New Mexico

Stanford Surveying Company is based in Midland, Texas and services all of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Specializing in the Oil & Gas industry with vast experience of land development with commercial, residential, environmental, and land boundary surveys. We use the most up to date Global Positioning and Optical Robotic equipment available. We ensure that every survey performed meets all state and local standards for horizontal and vertical accuracy and precision, as well as the standards of our clients.  

With 25 years of service, Stanford Surveying has accumulated a vast database of land and property records throughout the Permian Basin.  Allowing for quick access to crucial information necessary to complete projects efficiently and effectively.  This information, combined with experienced individuals who take pride in the quality and efficiency of work being done makes Stanford Surveying Company one of the most respected surveying companies in west Texas.